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Women & Wallace



When Wallace’s mother commits suicide when he’s a young adolescent, it affects the relationships with the women in his life. 

Performances: Friday, February 9th at 8pm and Saturday, February 10th at 8pm


Running time: 75 minutes w/ a 20 minute Talkback to follow.

Parking: Public valet parking available next door @ Antonio's and across the street @ Melrose Umbrella Co. Street parking and public parking lots located near the theater.


Hear What's In The Heart: An Italian Shoemaker's Tale

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Every Monday Night at 7:30pm from January 29th-April 16th, except February 12th and March 12th.

The one-man-play brings to life all the passion, comedy and drama inherent in a Sicilian-American family.
Set against the backdrop of a post-funeral gathering to celebrate the life of Scionti's grandfather, Angelo Morello (who owned Angleo's Shoe Repair on Main Street in Middletown, CT.)
Taking us through the funeral day's events, Scionti paints a theatrical family portrait in a series of humorous and poignant vignettes transforming himself into various family members and friends, jumping back and forth through time to affecting moments on his journey into adulthood. Eight characters are portrayed in all, including his grandfather; his father Sebastiano; his mother Rosetta; brother Antonio; uncles Amadeo and Manny; Jerry, the local neighborhood pizza-maker; and Brother Connelly, a teacher from Xavier High School.

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Wicked Pagan Gays

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Jeff is a 35-year-old atheist who has recently moved to Los Angeles to start a new life. Greg is a middle-aged struggling journalist led by "signs from above." When serendipity reunites the former acquaintances, Greg insists their fates are intertwined and they must uncover the details of their shared cosmic destiny. Jeff, ever skeptical, first humors Greg, but soon finds himself second-guessing his core beliefs. Moral questions arise and loyalties are tested as the duo are thrust into a world of child stars, self-help gurus, and baffling gay politics. 

Born of real-life friends Jeff Dinnell and Greg Archer’s cocktail-fueled debates on God and gays comes this surprisingly thoughtful look at compromise in modern times. Sending up everything from religion to gay culture, steeped in cheeky, fast-paced banter, WICKED PAGAN GAYS examines the unlikely friendship between two gay men with very different world-views as they embark on a hilarious search for meaning in a bewildering (and possibly sentient), Universe.

Performances: Thursday, Friday, and Saturdays at 8pm, Sundays at 7pm. Opening February 23rd running till March 31st.